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We've been developing cost-effective and comfort-enhancing products since 1978. These solutions are developed for companies within the transport, construction and earthworks industry. We aim to help these industries by providing affordable, simple and time-saving solutions. To realize this, we've developed several innovative and strong products, such as a central grease lubrication system, security solutions and immobilizers. Choose our products if you want to cut back on maintenance costs and to enhance the durability of your machines. We're here to support you!

Central grease lubrication solutions

Sterk is your one-stop shop for grease lubrication, immobilizers, and access control systems. This includes all services related to maintenance and repairs. We will make sure your products will stay durable and remain in excellent condition!

Central grease lubricationEcostar  Pneumatic grease pumpEcostar hydraulic grease pumpEcostar EleCtrical grease pumpmaintenance service

Security solutions for trucks and trailers

We specialize in solutions that enhance the security in trucks, trailers, service vehicles, and for vehicles that transport valuable items. Our technicians will adjust everything according to your desires. All of our solutions can be completely adjusted to meet your requirements.

STERK b3 alarm system Lockstar w1 and w2  immobilizers LocktransP cargo trailer security

Heating, cooling and comfort

Whether you need heating or cooling, we've got just the right products! We have developed various solutions with different specifications and advantages. Need advice? Let us help you out! We can also adjust all of our products according to your desires.

Tank heating Air conditioning serviceWEBASTO pneumatic and hydronic heating systems 

Mechanical security

KIWA-SCM certified products help against theft of containers and trailers. Sterk has been selling these top-notch solutions for years. Moreover, we provide additional products that can prevent trailers being stolen.

standard contaner lock Container lock 09 door lockBolt lock Anti Hook Lock for container King pin lockSitelockTrialer ring lockBarlock padlocks

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