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The electric grease pump for central lubrication

The electrically operated grease pump for central lubrication has recently been completely renewed. It is manufactured mainly from stainless steel and other durable materials. A powerful electric motor ensures that the pump lubricates centrally with great precision and reliability.

The grease pump is controlled by a pulse generator, depending on the available power supply. A lubrication cycle is carried out based on preset parameters.

Correct operation of the greasing system is indicated visually by a LED indicator light on the pump. The single pipe system is based on 0 or 00 grease (NLGI number). The components are made of high-quality materials.


The lubrication system is widely applicable through custom installation packages to:

  • Quay cranes
  • Carriers
  • Spreaders
  • AGV
  • Production lines (industry)
  • Machinery (industry)
  • Power supplies

The Ecostar EVP grease pump has been developed for electrical supplies, ranging from 12 to 24 Vdc, and can be electronically controlled.


The Ecostar lubrication systems can be operated in different ways, namely through a:

  • Timer (adjustable time interval)
  • Pulse generator (electric or pneumatic), by counting certain pulses, for example driving movements or twistlock controls
  • PLC control (with some simple signals from the PLC)


It is part of our service to install the lubrication grease system, but you may also install the system by yourself.

The main advantage

The Sterk Ecostar central grease lubrication system will help to extend the life of your valuable equipment. Moreover, it will also reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

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