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Sterk sells pneumatic, electric and hydraulic pumps. We offer the full package by taking care of the complete assembly, installation and the maintenance of our solutions.

Wat is centrale vetsmering?

What is an automated central lubrication grease system?

By choosing a central greasing system you will get a fully centralised greasing system which spreads out the grease evenly. Met centrale vetsmering kiest u voor een centraal aanstuurbaar systeem, dat het smeervet automatisch gelijkmatig verdeelt over de draaiende delen van uw machine. Vuil en water worden buiten de lagers gehouden door de zeepkraag die zich vormt rond het draaipunt. De vloeiing van het vet wordt aangestuurd door een vetpomp, die loopt op een timer, pulsgever en een PLC die zelf naar wens in te stellen zijn.


With customized installation packages, the central lubrication grease system is applicable to:

  • Transport
  • Earthworks
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Industry (factory installation, production and packaging machines)
  • Port equipment
  • Shipping
  • Offshore

The ECOSTAR® lubrication grease pump

The ECOSTAR® fully automatic greasing system has been developed in-house by Sterk with years of experience. The system consists of a lubrication grease pump that is pneumatically, hydraulically or electronically powered. It has distributions blocks with metering units, electronic signal generators, control and connection equipment and mounting material. Its single pipe system is based on NLGI-0 or 00-grease. All components are made of high-quality materials.


The ECOSTAR® lubrication grease pump has been developed for various controls, namely: 

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