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The hydraulic grease pump for central lubrication

The hydraulical  grease pump is used for central lubrication, just like the pneumatic grease pump. The HVP has been providing automatic lubrication for the most diverse machines for years now. This grease pump is built from high-quality and durable materials.

The grease pump is controlled by a pulse generator, depending on the available power supply. A lubrication cycle is carried out based on preset parameters.

The correct operation of the greasing system is visually indicated by a LED indicator light, which can be placed in a clearly visible position as desired. The single pipe system is based on 0 or 00 grease (NLGI number). 


The lubrication system is widely applicable through custom installation packages to:

  • Cranes (Port, mobile, earthmoving)
  • Spreaders
  • Reach stackers
  • SMTP platform wagons
  • Port equipment
  • Shipping
  • Industrial machines

Power supply

The Ecostar HVP grease pump has been developed for hydraulic feed from 80 to max 90 bar. It can be electronically pneumatically or hydraulically controlled.


The Ecostar lubrication systems can be operated in different ways, namely via:

  • A timer (adjustable time interval)
  • A pulse generator (electric or pneumatic), by counting certain pulses, for example driving movements or twistlock controls
  • PLC control provided by simple signals from the PLC


You may install the central grease lubrication system by yourself, if you desire and have previous experience in doing so. We can also install the solution for you because our team will help you out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Your main advantage

Sterk Ecostar central grease lubrication helps to keep your equipment in good shape, enhances durability, and reduces maintenance or repair costs.

Want to find out more about our hydraulic greasing system?

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