Tank heating

Sterk is an active player when it comes to comfort solutions for trucks. These solutions consist of items such as air and water heaters, air conditioning and stand cooling. Do you have a specific question regarding one of these solutions? Get in touch.

We specialize in the supply, installation and maintenance of cooling water heating systems for tank trailers. Our solutions enable the cooling water of the towing vehicle to keep liquids that can clot (chocolate, proteins, and fats) at the right temperature. The mechanism works the engine's cooling system and the heating system of the towed vehicle. Different variations are available for this connection and can be used for various types of vehicles. No additional heating installation is required during transport and whilst on the road. Vehicles can even be replaced whilst keeping the mechanism and installation in place.

Air conditioning service 

Sterk supplies, installs, maintains and repairs air conditioning. Our air conditioning systems enhance a pleasant environment within the vehicle and increases the performance of the driver or operator.

WEBASTO air and water heaters

We offer cargo space heating for trucks, passenger cars and vans. The air and water heaters can be installed in any (commercial) vehicle. WEBASTO heating is reliable, durable, and cost-effective. The system also requires little maintenance and requires a relatively small amount of fuel consumption.

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