Standard container lock


  • SCM approved (MP-031201)
  • Tested including the PL358 padlock
  • Dismountable
  • Hardened and galvanized
  • Usable from 230 to 460mm
  • Locking padlock in housing
  • 2 year warranty

The high-quality container lock manufactured by C.T.S. is extremely strong and very safe. After passing several intensive tests, it can be concluded that the lock meets SCM's requirements. The steel-hard container lock is very efficient when it comes to fixing it onto something. You can simply hook the hardened steel brackets behind the rods of the container or trailer, and then slide it all together. The hooks are closed with the unique Abloy PL358 padlock, which galvanizes when mounted in a steel casing. It is suitable for all transport and construction containers.