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Cargo space security system: LocktransP

The LocktransP cargo space security is an intelligent system for securing loading doors and tailgates.

The loading doors and tailgates can only be opened by authorized personnel. This means that when the loading door is closed, it's automatically locked. This is enabled by a transponder key, touch key or keypad. These are maintenance-free (no batteries) and insensitive to moisture, dirt, radio signals, and magnetic fields.

In addition, the keypad and remote control keys cannot be copied or scanned. Different variations of key codes are also possible, for instance: a master key or differently coded transponder keys for each system.

The system can be combined with vehicle security. The loading door or tailgate can't be opened until the engine has been switched off and the engine can't start until the loading door or flap has been locked.

Lockstar W1 en W2 immobalizers

To prevent work equipment being stolen, Sterk offers products approved by the KIWA-SCM. The LocktransP cargo space security has been specially developed for securing cargo space, by interrupting loading doors and tail lifts when someone tries to break in. In addition to the interruption, the cargo space is continuously monitored and an alarm is triggered in the event of forced access of the cargo space. After the installation by one of our specialists, we can issue a certificate required for the insurance.

Theft of work equipment can be prevented by installing an immobilizer (class W1 or class W2). An immobilizer is an electronic safety device that prevents the vehicle from moving with solely its own power, through two interlocks (starter motor circuit and fuel supply).

A W1 immobilizer has a break-in resistance of at least five minutes and a W2 immobilizer has a break-in resistance of at least fifteen minutes.

B3 Alarm

Road transport is facing an increasingly serious crime problem. Theft of the cargo or even the entire truck occurs daily and that's why insurance companies place high demands on the security of both the truck and its load. 

Our security system consists of two separate forms of security, namely: blocking and giving off an alert signal. The block prevents the vehicle from starting when the protection is activated, even when the original ignition key is used. When a vehicle is broke into, the cabin is tilted, or a window is broken, the alarm triggers a siren and turns on the alarm lights. Our B3 solutions can withstand any form of sabotage for at least 15 minutes. This means that our system meets the strict B3 requirements of SCM. Also, for the newer models of trucks, we add a patented feature to the existing fuel block, to ensure the fuel system remains fully intact.

Due to a special detection technique, the spatial monitoring in the cabin can be switched off when the driver goes to sleep. However, the system remains switched on and therefore false alarm is almost impossible, even with the side windows not completely closed.

Track and trace

A track and trace system can be added to the security solutions mentioned above, to set up an access control system. This access control system allows you to monitor exactly who, where and when someone uses a vehicle. It also allows you to control who can and can't drive a specific vehicle.

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